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jeudi 15 mai 2014, par Hugh

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What is Veganism ?

Veganism is the putting into practice of the idea that the largely unnecessary exploitation of animals is unjust.

This involves the refusal to consume the flesh of animals (mammals, birds, fish, crustaceans, etc.), and also their milk and their eggs.

Beyond the dietary aspect, a vegan refuses to wear or use products made of leather, suede, wool and fur, and also those which use animal by-products, such as varying animal glues used in the shoe and art industry, amongst others. As for shower gels, shampoos, cleaning-up products, and cosmetics, those which are neither tested upon, contain or necessitate the exploitation of animals in any way are considered vegan, and ethical.

A vegan also contents themselves with entertainment other than that of the zoo, the corrida (bullfighting), circuses, cockfighting, aquariums and other forms of entertainment or sport which involve or require the harming of animals, including greyhound racing, fox hunting, game hunting, etc.

Despite the at first demanding nature of veganism, it is requires only a relatively brief period of acclimatisation and is worth the effort, as it is, first and foremost, a boycott of animal slavery and suffering. When you become you vegan, you have voted with your feet for the abolition of meat of animal origin, and consequently animal exploitation.

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